Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Beautiful and useful

I'm still pretending that I just got back from Orcas (i.e. I have not unpacked my bag yet). I love this photo - it reminds me a little of how I remember our Grandparents place at Lake Tahoe - really tall trees that you see all that clear water through.

I bought myself a mug and some little pottery birds at this place - Orcas Island Pottery. The mug is now my favorite, of course. It's got a nice round body for me to cup my hands around, and is this glossy brown tortoise-shell-like color on the outside, with swirly colors on the inside.

In knitting news - tonight I am going to the yarn store so that they will help me seam up my Baby Surprise Jacket. Knit for Chris Gerston's new baby girl!

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