Monday, March 11, 2013

Like wearing short sleeves in sunshine

So, in the spirit of the word of the year, here are a few things I've enjoyed recently:
  • This poem, which pretty much sums up the spirit of enjoyment. 
  • Breadfarm's Irish Soda Bread. Not what I grew up with, but still totally addictive. 
  • Our Sunday trip to Christianson's nursery. Every time I plant a fruit tree, I feel like I'm making the mini-farm better. This year, two more blueberry bushes and a currant. There's also another lilac, for the front of the house this time, and we are still mulling over the espaliered asian pear....
  • This book on audio. I had that sad feeling when it was over. So glad she has a new book coming out this year! 
  • New gutters plus rain barrels. hard to believe, but true, these are making me very happy!