Monday, March 11, 2013

Like wearing short sleeves in sunshine

So, in the spirit of the word of the year, here are a few things I've enjoyed recently:
  • This poem, which pretty much sums up the spirit of enjoyment. 
  • Breadfarm's Irish Soda Bread. Not what I grew up with, but still totally addictive. 
  • Our Sunday trip to Christianson's nursery. Every time I plant a fruit tree, I feel like I'm making the mini-farm better. This year, two more blueberry bushes and a currant. There's also another lilac, for the front of the house this time, and we are still mulling over the espaliered asian pear....
  • This book on audio. I had that sad feeling when it was over. So glad she has a new book coming out this year! 
  • New gutters plus rain barrels. hard to believe, but true, these are making me very happy!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for these gifts. I'm missing Roberta's soda bread too. Ross liked the Kat ATkinson book too. I came home with a list of must reads from her!
Proud Mamala

Jennifer said...

One of my good friends from high school has been after me forever to read that book. I suppose I'm going to have to get to it now that the votes are unanimous.