Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Just Checking...

Isn't that the same ex-BF who went away for weeks and weeks last year skiing?

And didn't he have knee surgery that prohibited his skiing this year?

I would say that if he didn't ski enough this year or last, it was his own dang fault.

But also, maybe he thinks that's why he's all sideways. I know that if Euge and I don't get out and do something physical we are... ummm... crabby, to put it lightly. A whole season of not being on the mountain and I am not sure our marriage could take it.

I'm just sayin'...

On that note.

Aren't we the cutest ski/snow boarding couple you ever saw?

Don't we look like cartoons?

This is from when we were in Utah. And, may I say, that for a dry mormon state - there sure is a lot of alcohol in Utah.

Feel free to pinch my cheeks,

Bagel Face

ps. I hope you have a great evening. I'll be home all by my lonely whilst my hubby is off having a 'business dinner' at a fancy steakhouse. I'll probably be eating a burrito and watching 'Real Housewives of the OC'.

Yes, that is what I am reduced to.

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