Thursday, April 13, 2006


What an honor! Sockmaker to Pam! I know how Pam loveth her feet too.. not just any socks get to grace those rare tootsies!

Tonight, Euge and I are going for passover at the Jasen's.

I'm really hungry, but I don't want to have a snack because I know how much food there is to come. So I'm holding out.

Euge, the lucky sod, has a bowling outing with his office this afternoon, so I imagine that he'll be a little loose when we meet to head out to their apartment in Brooklyn Heights. I tried to warn him to lay off the chicken wings at the outing. Woe be to him that doesn't show up at Passover dinner ready to eat!

I couldn't decide what to bring as a hostess gift - Mom said that flowers would be too much of a pain for Terri to deal with. So, I got wine - self-serving, I know.

I thought about getting a kosher wine, but really... I've never heard anything nice about any kosher wines. Plus, as Mom pointed out, the Jasen's are not - to paraphrase Terri - "Super Jews". So, I got a nice Chateau St. Michelle Gewurztraminer, in honor of Washington State, and a German Reisling, in honor of their Germanic heritage. I don't normally drink either, so here's hoping they are good!

All I know is that, after all the food, Eugene is probably going to have to roll me home.

Since I know there will be many people there, I dressed up – gray and silver Diane Von Furstenberg suit (she's jewish!), Prada boots, and the jewelry (gunmetal pearls) that Dakota gave me for her wedding. I think I clean up pretty good!

In other news, I bought a new pair of boots at DSW last night - before I went home to eat my burrito and watch 'Real Housewives of the OC' - after I watched ANTM... and Veronica Mars... and then my brain turned to avocado and dribbled out my ears.

In between DSW and home I stopped at Trader Joes - newly opened on 14th Street. May I just say, IT IS INSANE! All I wanted was sour cherry juice and pomegranite juice and I had to wait in a line that snaked throught the entire store. Unbelievably, this is an improvement over when you had to wait in a line just to get into the store!

My neighborhood has been invaded by Trader Joes and Whole Foods, and it seems that there are an unlimited number of people willing to queue up and wait like little lemmings for their goat cheese, snack foods and (in the case of Whole Foods) retardedly over-priced groceries.

Well, I rebel! I will not go to either! I will go to my Food Emporium and bask in the joy of it's desertedness since the arrival of the foodies' paradises.

Except for when I want my sour cherry and pomegranite juices. That is waaaaay too expensive at the Food Emporium.

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