Thursday, May 04, 2006

Advice from Ella

Hello! In light of my recent pissy and unpleasant mood, Kristin's daughter Ella has some advice for me. She seems to know just how I feel. Take this demonstration, for example:

Kristin says "Ella can't get down and she can't go forwards or backwards. She is stuck. "

Yup. Sound familiar.

So here are some options for me.

Play dead while others make smiley faces

... or distract myself by performing manual labor

..... or walk alone looking beautiful, in a poncho

... but maybe the best option of all is to make friends with the girl next door, put on my tutu and chase butterflies.

Ella is so full of good ideas.


reno said...

Hello !

greetings from a small country...Belgium !



Allison said...

Obviously Ella is a genius child prodigy.

Anonymous said...

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