Friday, May 26, 2006

Fleet Week Crackdown

So I wasn't lying about the innapropriate behavior... only I turned out to be the troublemaker.

So, last night we're at this bar, celebrating co-worker's impending emancipation, when in walk half a dozen Marines. It's Fleet Week - Yay!

In true Malcolm Sister fashion, I ended up talking with the boys - they really were sooooooo baby faced - and ultimately (along with three friends from work) escorted them to the East Village, so that they could find more entertaining bar venues than the ones in midtown. One of them looked exactly like Matt Damon. Yum.*

Any hoo, they neglected to inform me that one of their crew was underage - they all looked like babies to me... so how could I tell? I took them to Doc Hollidays, where the trampy bartenders were VERY enthusiastic about them - to the point of pouring liquor directly down the Marine's throats... until we realized that one of their boys was stranded outside.

So, after that, we just ended up walking them all over the East Village until they were due to get back to their ship. I hope they get to have more fun this weekend in the city than walking around with a bunch of married ladies!

After I went and met up with Eugene. He thought it was funny.

He pointed out that I was ten+ years older than all of them. ha. ha. ha.

*This is not to say that Matt Damon is my usual type... but the grin was pretty infectious. Though he did keep calling me 'M'am' which made me feel pretty old.

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Dakota said...

silly, don't you know...when someone calls you M' haughtily reply, that's MADAM to you...even if he looks like Matt Damon.