Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Here Comes Trouble

Are we becoming an all Veronica all the time blog? Did you watch last night? Okay, that's all I'm going to say about that show now.

In other news - here's a photo of Susan at my neighborhood coffee shop. Can you see the cute barista in the background? Here's wearing a t-shirt that says "Here Comes Trouble!" and then I think it has a firecracker or something on it.

On Saturday, I had to call Susan to make me get out of bed (I know, it sounds desperate, but we laughed about it later) and she did, and we went to the coffee shop, and sat there and ate toasted bread products and watched all of upper Queen Anne's beautiful yuppies come and go. Then we went down to Second Ascent, where I bought a rain coat based on the fact that it was purple. I needed a rain coat anyway, but this was more like a mountaineering coat, and when the guy tried to direct me to a more appropriate model, I said "But it's not PURPLE!". Yes, I know enough to be ashamed of this behavior. But I just can't stand the thought of increasing the amount of sage green or even lime green gore-tex that is wandering around in the wilderness right now. It's too much, really.

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