Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Do It Yourselfers

Well, I spent the weekend roofing with Eugene.

No, not taking roofers (sp?) - actually re-roofing our house. Needless to say, scraggly hair would have been an improvement over the frizzmop and overalls look I was rocking. And the work gloves, of course.

Work gloves are hawt!

We managed to get half of the roof ripped off and re-covered in bitchathane - a great product name, right? It's the membrane that protects your roof from water and ice. Theoretically the shingles are just to look purty. Theoretically.

After the many many hours of toil, we managed to watch Mrs. Henderson Presents, which I liked and Euge.. umm.. was lukewarm to. When you send your wife to the store alone, you gets what you gets!

Our other rental was Casanova - the town store has a very limited selection - and I won't even bother to comment. Except to say that we didn't even finish it. And it's set in Venice. VENICE!

It was just that bad.

I also did a ton of laundry, grilled some burgers, went to the farmers market for blueberries and yogurt, went to Home Despot and spent beaucoup dollars, went to W&W Hardware and spent even MORE money and went to the dump. Twice.

Today, I am back at work for some R&R before Euge puts me back to work next weekend.

I never thought I would say how glad I am that we didn't have any more time in Vermont. Work is sooooooooooo relaxing!

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Lil said...

Oh hi, Heather's sister. I have to say that I've been tempted by Casanova and I'm glad I know now not to go there. On the other hand, if you're ever in a town with limited selection again (like I was recently, the town being Fremont on a Sunday evening) The Brothers Grimm - which is always in stock! - is actually pretty funny. Decent, definitely decent.