Saturday, June 24, 2006

Madness is right

I have to say, I wouldn't willingly sign up for any vacation that involved waking up at 4AM either. I like to stay up late too much. I stayed up until 2AM watching Veronica Mars last night. I'm on disc 4 of season 1, in case you want to know, the episode where Logan breaks down and cries in Veronica's arms in a hotel lobby because he thought his mom had faked her suicide and was staying in the hotel, but it turns out to be his bitchy half-sister who is using his mom's credit card and wearing her clothes.

That's also the episode where Meg makes Veronica go to the 80s dance, and Meg dresses up in a dress like the one Molly Ringwald made for herself in Pretty in Pink and that dress is just not cute, and little teeny Veronica dresses up in a Madonna outfit, with her hair all crimped and a black bustier and all the bracelets and even the boy toy belt and I fell asleep thinking about how it was supposed to be a thing where Meg talked her into going at the last minute so how come Veronica just had all that stuff to dress up in, because you know it isn't Meg's stuff since her parents are all religious and crazy and she mostly wears pink sweaters and a prim but sweet expression.

Oh, and it's the episode where Duncan is dressed up like Ducky from Pretty In Pink and how does he know that Meg was going as Molly Ringwald since he is supposed to be her SECRET admirer, so obviously he didn't talk to her about it beforehand and plan it out! And the police officer shows up and sort-of rescues Veronica from crying in her LeBaron convertible in the parking lot, and he's dressed up in a Miami Vice outfit and you realize he's really short because he and Veronica are almost the same height and she is teensy. And Logan shows up drunk and dressed up like Tom Cruise in Risky Business and if all this doesn't convince the non-believers to watch Veronica Mars, I don't know what will.

Don't bother with Dukes of Hazzard the movie though, even if you love Willie Nelson. Trust me.

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