Friday, June 09, 2006

Scraggly Hair

Yes, the convertible does not really leave one with luscious locks. They end up a tangled mess, sort-of crunchy as though the wind were a particularly noxious form of hairspray.

You can see in this photo that I am wearing that skirt again. Wrap-arounds rule! (I want a faded denim wrap-around skirt next - have I mentioned that?) Packing for Santa Fe involved staying up until 2 AM trying on all my summer outfits. It turns out there aren't so many good ones. If I can just wear those safari-type shirts and the wrap-around skirt all summer, I'm good. I think I need a new pair of Jack Rodgers sandals though. Did you see the white/beige ones on Celerie Kemble on the cover of Domino recently? Why is everyone named after fruits and veggies? Celery, Plum, Apple... will you name your baby Avocado? You could call her Guac for short.

SFe was good. Walter indulged my need to visit yarn stores in every vacation spot, so I'm sure there will be yarn photos Monday. We ate good food, browsed in book shops, walked Canyon Road, and watched Wang KarWai's 2046, which I loved and you must see. Start with In The Mood For Love if you haven't already seen that.

Every weekend I say that this weekend I am going to get some things done. Organize, do the dishes, get rid of stuff. But really, this time I am! I have to. Pinky swear. Really. I must.


Kristin said...

Avocado would be a challenging name to grow up with. It definitely requires a more pedestrian middle name, like Jones - Avocado Jones Malcolm, or something. I'd go for fruits and vegetables in a foreign language. Like Poire. Poire Malcolm. With Poire, it's still cute, but you can do a lot with it. like Poire Marie- Antoinette Malcolm. Or Poire Dix- Sept Malcolm. So avant garde.

Allison said...

I actually had a woman in my acting class who had legally changed her name to Avocado Pitt. This was ten years ago, so she was waaay ahead of the curve. Unfortunately, she was also very heavy and balding so (not to be predjudiced against the overweight and balding population or anything) my associations with the name are not so great.

I'm thinking to stick with more basic shrubs. Like Rose. I have dibs on Rose.