Thursday, July 06, 2006

Miss Me?

I'm back.

Since we've been 'outed' to Mom, Eugene and his family, and our favorite Dave Zebrowski, I will have to put a bit more thought into my posts. Yikes.

Unfortunately, I am - as Mom would say - incandescent with exhaustion. So inspiration (and typing) is not coming so easily to me today.

In the meantime, Husband gets props for giving me his upgraded seat in First Class. Props to Eugene!!!

He has now fully paid me back for the seven am drive to the airport that I had to do to bring him his passport last month. All I.O.U.s are now invalid. I no longer have any supreme gestures to lord over him. Dammit!

First Class was almost like being back on the cruise with the people being all nice to me and bringing me all the food and stuff. Yes miss, I would like more warm nuts! Bring me more crab salad! What do you mean, you are out of the duck breast? Unacceptable! Massage my feet!

I likes the First Class.

I will write more on that when my brain is fully caffienated and functional.

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