Thursday, August 17, 2006

Le Freak C'est Chic! (Sp?)*

Left: Me today Right: The NY Times!

You may have noticed lately that I have been posting a lot about feeling fat... and along with feeling fat, feeling scrubby... and underlying that, boring, old and cheap.

Geez, that sounds like a list of Snow White's Dwarves for the new millennium: Fatty, Scrubby, Boring (y?) Oldie, and Cheapy.

Any hoo, scratch all that because today I am chic and fashionable!
(Chic-y and Fashionable-y?)

Today I logged on to the NY Times and found this article and I said 'Whoa, that's my look today!'

And lo, I am born again. I am Audrey-esque, I am gallic, I am peppery. I am insolent and not uptight. Not at all!

I am Beat!

So let's all snap our fingers and go rent some Jean-Luc Godard films! I'm feeling quirky and rebellious! I am modern! Or moderne - ifyouplease.

I should go sit at Cafe DeVille and drink Campari and soda (Heather's drink!) from tiny glasses – while reading some Jack Kerouac.

Oh, Happy Day! Finally life has some meaning.

Or if it doesn't, maybe I'll find real meaning in the pages of this Septembers 700+ page Vogue.

Can't wait!

If I don't find meaning, at least my arms will get a workout from the 5 lb monster. Don't they look like they need it?

And did I mention that I have the right shoes on today too? I am so very pleased with myself.

Couldn't you tell from all of the exclamation points?

* I would like to point out that the reason I don't know how to spell in french is that Mom would not let me take french, because Heather took french. I had to take spanish. Riddle me that!

Finally I get to blame Mom for something!

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