Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Things I Would Like For My 33rd Birthday

My very favorite green tea birthday cake. Yum. That's all. Just - yum.

Geez, when did I get so old?

No matter, I am creating this list so that the age old (or 33-year-old) question of 'what does Allison want for her birthday?' can be put to rest.

Obviously, some of these items are outrageous and ridiculous, but it's a wish list not a shopping list, m'kay? And yes, I am GREEDY GREEDY GREEDY!
  1. On the realistic and budget-minded side, I would like subscriptions to the following magazines. I have let mine lapse and I miss them:

    Vogue - the only real magazine of fashion still being published. What has been done to Harpers Bazaar is a TRAVESTY!
    Vanity Fair - Hi-brow gossip please! And please, in time for the pictures of the alien baby Suri Cruise in October.
    Saveur - Not that the recipes, which typically involve far too much butter, will do much for my food baby. But they have the yummiest photos of food

  2. For any one in the New York area who likes my company, I would like dinner at one of the following restaurants. Or lunch, if that works into your schedule better.
    I'm easy like that.

    Morimoto - Because I heart Iron Chef... more the japanese version than the American, but still, I would like to taste some of his culinary delights. And the decor is CRAZY!
    The Spotted Pig - Because on the American Iron Chef, Mario always delivers. And it's supposed to be really good. And I like the name.
    Craft - Because I love Top Chef! And Tom Colliccio is Mr. Top Chef! And it's supposed to be really good too.
    Town - Because I saw it on Opening Soon and it looked really good.
    The Mermaid Inn - Because I have walked past it a million times and wanted to eat there. And I saw it's owners on Opening Soon with another restaurant.
    The Tasting Room - Now in a new larger space! Yay! I love the Tasting Room, but the proximity of the other diners really got to me.

    My, most of my restaurant choices are based on TV shows. How sad is that? I never get out anymore people! It's sad! Take pity on me and take me out!

    I could also possibly settle for cocktails at Ian Schrager's new Gramercy Park Hotel.

  3. I need a new pair of boots for fall. Size 9.5 please.

  4. And a handbag

  5. And a raincoat

  6. And a dress

  7. And stockings. Cocoa colored stockings.

  8. And a scarf from here.

  9. And cashmere. I always like cashmere.

  10. I would like a new couch. The butt groove has gotten waaay too deep.

  11. I would like the body wash from Carapan. But Carapan exists no more... so some other woodsy and relaxing but not overpowering body wash would be nice. Maybe from here.

  12. I could use this cookbook. And this one. And this. And this.

  13. I always like jewelry. Olivine has nice jewelry. Actually Olivine has nice everything, so you are safe shopping for me there. So does that place where the guy makes the sculpture out of books and creates all the display dioramas. You are safe shopping for me there too.

And in case you wonder what Eugene would like for his 33rd birthday - you are safe buying him anything from here. That's my man!

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Okay, I'll just wait for some other Eugene options. Please?