Monday, October 16, 2006

The Best Host in Texas

Me and Chris waiting on our Gospel Brunch.
I think my spirit has been healed through the power of barbecue.

We're back! Did you miss me?

We did not have a minute to peruse the Internets or the blog while we were in Austin and I blame the handsome man in the photo above.

I sincerely hope that if you ever go to Austin, you can have Chris to show you a good time. He was far more generous with his time, his love for his chosen home town and his affection for barbeque than any person, in particular me, has a right to expect or even hope for.

And then there is his bar.

I really should start by talking about his excellent bar.

He has made an establishment of such superlative quality that I can only barely come up with words adequate to describe it. But I will try.

The best compliment I could think of, while I was actually there, was to say that I think it would be Asa's dream bar. And to me that really means something.

It's not large, in fact it's kind of small. But it's the kind of small where the bartender will always be with you injustalittleminute.

It's the kind of small where the proportion of the room with the pool table is just right. You never seem to need the short stick.

It's the kind of small where everywhere you look there is some detail to notice, a picture that he has hung, a quote or a lyric - totally perfect for it's spray-painted location. A welded sculpture or an artifact that someone has known he would be just the right owner for.

And did you remember that it is a Johnny Cash theme bar?

Actually, I should say it a Johnny Cash tribute bar, or a loving altar to the Man in Black, since it is in no way as common as a theme bar.

From the murals painted on the back of the building to the Johnny Cash emblem branded into the bar, it is a place that feels substantive and real. And, best of all, welcoming.

In that way, I think it reflects not just Chris's love for Johnny but rather himself as an artist and a person. Substantive, genuine, and welcoming. I think it takes an artist to make a place that feels so finely wrought and it takes that artist's personality to bring the place to life.

Chris not only welcomed us into his very fine bar, he also showed us aspects and parts of the city he loves which we never would have seen otherwise. Even better, though, was having the opportunity to get to know him better.

I will write more about our adventures with Chris, and the fantastic wedding we attended, but first I need some sleep. And I need some photos to be e-mailed to me so that I can fully illustrate the hijinx.

Sadly I am a bad photo blogger and either my memory card was full or my battery was dead for virtually the entire trip. So I am dependent on the generosity of others.

I just wanted to express how thankful we were to have Chris to show us the ropes.

Thank you! We hope to see you soon! You should come on up and visit our hill country!

And I swear I am going to find an opportunity to rock that Mean Eyed Cat tube top. Even if it's only when I'm barbequeing in Vermont.


Heather said...

Mean-Eyed Cat TUBE TOP??!! Dayum! There better be one of them in my birfday package!

I'm pretty pleased to see you wearing that Cabbage Patch shirt.

So glad you had a great time in Austin, and not at all surprised. I think next year we should do Thanksgiving in Austin - what do you think? Make Clay and Dakota and Joseph go too, of course.


Allison said...

You know what cracked me up? When Chris saw the Cabbage Patch t-shirt, he said 'I should have worn my Mr. T t-shirt!'

That cracked me up.

You birthday swag will be on its way shortly. Some stuff had to be ordered.

Barbeque for Thanksgiving? Hmmm...

Dakota said...

We are SO there Miss Feather!
Especially The Outlaw Josey Wales.

Allison! You are the best...what a great description of the Bar...though I've shamefully never been, I now feel like I have. But YES, let's all go!