Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ranch Report - Day 22

I've been gone 3 weeks now. Hard to believe that's all, it feels like a lot longer. In a nice way.

My little CO adventure has these 5 distinct sections to it - first the road trip with Susan, then the first three weeks here, next Tomales Bay, and then what feels like the real ranch time, from November 1st through December 6th, then the road trip home. Reaching the end of this section means tidying up the house for the people who will be here while I'm gone and packing myself up for Tomales.

I have a confession to make. I packed the most ridiculous clothes for this adventure. I know, you're not surprised. I am the girl who always took a pair of clogs on our spring break camping trips to Canyonlands. But really, I look at what I brought and just wonder what I was thinking exactly. I know, though, I was thinking about yarn. One track mind. I brought lots of cotton long-sleeve shirts, three sets of silk or capilene long underwear and really no sweaters. No sweaters. I thought about yarn, but didn't bring sweaters.

That just means that I'm living in the two sweatery things I did bring. My favorite is the grey cashmere waffle-knit hoody (are you starting to wonder why you are reading this about now?) with the little moth hole in one sleeve, but the black fleece pullover is good too. Oh, right, did I mention all the black and how well that works with the big hairy sand-colored hounds?

You do know that this isn't a REAL concern of mine, right? I have lots of good socks, and that's what really counts.

And that's about as long as I can reasonably procrastinate. Time to go hand wet towels on the line. It's cold out there!

Ali - come back. Please, bring funny back!

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