Monday, November 13, 2006

A Belated Note on Cruise Entertainment

Before we left on our cruise to Alaska, one of the things I was looking forward to most was tripping the light fantastic at Skywalkers Nightclub.

I know we were there to watch whales and spot mooses (meese?), but I was really excited at the prospect of a swingin' disco at sea. I consider it a bit of a hangover from our formative years of watching The Love Boat every Saturday night.

We got the formal nights, the variety shows, and the trivia games. But the fabulous nights of dancing until our toes fell off were not to be.

Oh, all the trappings were there. Skywalkers had a bumping sound system, a dance floor with lights embedded into it, passable brandy alexanders, and the requisite psychadelic light show and black lights.

Sadly, though, there was no crowd.

The closest we got to a crowded dance floor was the Sock Hop (hosted by Cruise Directors who were outfitted like reject extras from a community center production of Grease). Which ended mercifully at ten pm.

The casino was the spot for the truly dissolute passengers who were, perhaps, part of a larger family group who had, perhaps, headed to bed after the sock hop. So we alternated between black jack and karaoke to keep ourselves entertained after the witching hour.

(For the record, I sang White Wedding, Love is a Battlefield and - in a wildly overconfident moment of poor judgement - Annie Lennox's Why. I got the beat down from an overly-permed midwestern lady who repeatedly sang that Ann Murray classic May I Have This Dance (for the rest of my life).

For shame! I wanted to throttle her ever time the opening chords to that song started. Just thinking of it irritates me!)

Anyhoo, I blame the early nights on all the whale watching and moose-spotting excursions, and those darn flights to glaciers for dog sledding. On Carribbean cruises, maybe everybody stays up all night and parties like rock stars, but on our cruise everyone had to be up at 6 AM to be trundled off to their excursion. And nobody hangs out by the pool.

Needless to say, I found my own fun at one am.

What was it, you may ask?

Ping pong.

Check out my moves, yo!

But, of course, Euge and Tommy were even better...

We also liked shuffleboard...

The jello at the midnight buffet...

And Tommy likes Hot Mamas


Heather said...

Oh! May I have this dance... la la la! Hee hee hee! Didn't you love it? Didn't it make you and Eugene feel like you were on your honeymoon? He wants to have this dance, for the rest of your life, Ali!

LadyGripe said...

I just think it's cheating to sing the same song over and over and over again. And I don't think we heard any Ann Murray in spain.