Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Izze, the Godfather, Buckwheat and Pleather Shorts

Hey, reader! When was the last time you made a regular weekend feel like a long weekend? Ali, I know you go away to Vermont a lot, and I commend you for that and imagine that it makes your weekends seem long.I hope it does, at least. But the rest of us probably frequently use our weekends for errands and other things that suck up the time without necessarily recharging us.
Not me! Not last weekend! I took my Chucks and headed off for a beach weekend. What I came home with was shoes full of sand, a white limpet shell, a new knitting project and one of my favorite New Year's Resolutions so far. Here it is:
Eat more oysters.
Good, isn't it? When I announced this to the table at dinner, Hon said "Like how many do you think? Three dozen a month?" and I smiled, thinking this was a little ambitious. Then she said "What about when you order sushi? Do you ever get oysters then? That's a good way to squeeze a few more in." And that's why she is one of my favorites, because she knows how to squeeze in the fun. So much so that when I went home, my abs were mysteriously sore. When was the last time you got an ab workout from all the laughing? That takes a lot of laughing.
If you don't have a weekend away planned any time soon, I highly recommend it. How hard can it be? Throw some clothes in a bag and go get lost. The fun is waiting for you.

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Allison said...

You can't put 'Pleather Shorts' in the title and then not explain - it's just not right!

Actually, when we stay in the city - last weekend for instance - it feels more like a long weekend. Because we don't have the looong drive!

BTW - I like your chucks and all, but we've seen two pictures of them now and exactly zero of your Mean Eyed Cat hoodie, yo.