Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I am a Snowmobile Widow

So it snowed last week. A big old Valentine's Day prezzie for all the people who love the white and fluffy. I am one of those people. Euge is one of those people.

But instead of spending my weekend riding all over the mountain, I spent it curled up on the sofa. Watching movies. Or reading. And I did some yoga. And some laundry. And I cooked some delicious chicken.

Why, oh why do you ask? Why wasn't I shushing down the mountain? Carving and riding and joyfully swooping through the several feet of new snow?

Because there was enough snow for my darling husband to get out his bright yellow snowmobile and go ripping around the countryside with his fellow-snowmobiling buddies like some sort of backwoods gang.

I got two hours on the mountain. Two hours! Ay me.

At least when it gets warmer and the snowmobiling is done I will have spring skiing. Bright sunny weather! Big mooshy piles of mashed-potato snow!

At least that's what I kept telling myself all day Saturday and Sunday. And Monday.

And the movies were good. Bringing Up Baby, Dinner at Eight, Stage Door, Libeled Lady, ahem, My Super Ex-Girlfriend....

Okay, maybe My Super Ex-Girlfriend wasn't so good... But the New York Real Estate Porn aspect of it was pretty satisfying. Everybody has a ginormous loft to themselves! Where are these huge affordable apartments?

Anyways, next weekend I am in Arizona with Mom and Grandma and Euge will have the house for himself and his boys to get all the snowmobiling out of their system. And hopefully someone will drink the Heinekens (egh) that have been clogging up our fridge.

I will be watching the Oscars! And shopping for antiques!

And - I'm just guessing here - watching more girlie movies.


Anonymous said...

Honey, "girlie movies" aren't the same thing as "chick flicks". I'll explain later.
See you Friday,

K said...

Hey, will one of you promise to blog about the Oscars since I won't be able to see them?

LadyGripe said...

Oh, I will be all over blogging the Oscars. I will be taking notes!

Mom, you are right - Chick Flick was the phrase I was searching for - unfortunately my overtired brain got stuck on 'Girlie Movies' and I didn't have you there to edit me...


I'll see you Friday!