Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Back To The Beach

It's Tuesday, and we have only one full day left here at Pt Reyes Station. Two more mornings of getting up and walking into town for lattes from Toby's, one more morning of sitting on the patio in the sun, manuscripts and pen in hand, trying to help make a good piece of writing even more effective than it already is. We've read some great stuff this week. Stories that delighted me, that I can't wait to see in second draft, that will come back to me as I'm sitting in the airport or driving to Portland or staring out the window at Fiore. This is my third time meeting with these women for a week long writing workshop, and the conversation that has developed is now so rich and funny and smart. It's like having the best small class you ever participated in, every day for a week, focused on the subject you love most in the world.

I am sort-of a melancholy person, so already I am starting to miss this. I think one of the great pleasures in life is caring about something enough to miss it, so don't think I feel bad. What I really feel more than anything is grateful.


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