Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I Suppose I Was Just Looking For An Excuse, Really

Does this look familiar? Blue Pearl Royal Granite counter from Norway? View of the park out the window? I didn't think so.

The weather has turned here in Seattle. The sunshine that had all the Fiore customers camped out on Adirondack chairs lined up on West Galer drove them all back inside today and the result was that there was literally not a single seat free this morning. So, I took my little book bag and zipped off to the coffee shop I shall now refer to as Espresso Versace. An homage to our friend at 9th Street Espresso, you know.

It's a good coffee shop. Not walking distance, true (though there is one closer than the Cap Hi location where I went today) and parking is, well, just what you would expect in that neighborhood. Customers - a little grungier in an interesting kind of way. I wanted to take a photo of the girl in the dirty orange flats and grey cords, with the Kiki Dunst hairdo, or the one with the pixie cut who was nuzzling her cockatiel, but my boldness with the camera so far only extends to objects and landscapes, not strangers. Some day.

Anyway, I sat looking out the window, which is what I like to do in Fiore too, did some writing and enjoyed knowing no one. I love being places where I don't know anyone. Strangers generate this curiousity in me, I write little stories about them in my head and find myself wanting to see what it'll take to get them talking. I have to confess that this is one of the things that I love about Sambar these days. When I sit at the bar, Jay introduces me to the people who come in to see him and that delights me. As E.M. Forster says - "Only connect."


Kristin said...

I'm glad to see you took my advice about seeing other coffeeshops. Seattle is not a one coffeeshop town, and you are not a one coffeeshop woman.

As Spike Lee would say.


Allison said...

Hee! Cafe Versace! You could go further and say it like Nomi in Showgirls (not that I have ever seen that movie!)

Cafay Ver-says