Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Seattle Sunday

The Nectar boys crush Victoria

We had some crazy weather in Seattle this weekend. Rain, then sun, then rain. Luckily, on Sunday it stayed clear enough for a day of Lacrosse watching. Lacrosse is such a great spectator sport, fast and elegant, but yes, brutal. After I left the field, I was wishing I had gotten some good injury photos. An injury from a lacrosse stick is a pretty distinctive thing - it's this welt/bruise that turns all kinds of impressive colors.

This guy used to come home covered in them, but on Sunday he was spared due to a hamstring injury from the game the day before. This meant that watching the game was even more fun for me, since I got to hear his color commentary and cheers such as "Whack Whack Whack!!" We went to Red Mill and got burgers, onion rings and sparkling lemonade to get us through the second game. Not too bad for an almost-summer day.

After the lacrosse fest, we made a field trip to Swanson's for some plants for my window boxes. I even got my hands in the dirt. I swear!

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