Monday, April 30, 2007

Something, Anything and Some More Art

Coffee at Third Place Books in Ravenna with Katherine, who truly lives up to the name Katherine - think tall and statuesque with all the humor and boaty charm of a Hepburn

So. I'm having some internet issues. And I have to tell you, it's kind-of refreshing to be sans internet most of the day. It's too too easy to waste time on email and reading blogs when you've got working internet at home. You know I spend plenty of time in cafes with wi-fi, so no chance that we'll lose me on the internets entirely, though.

Amber was in town this weekend, and we had a divine time. Some people just get me talking, and Amber is one of them. Even a day of migraine couldn't keep me from enjoying her company, and she sweetly accomodated my need to lounge on the couch all day like an invalid. We picked sock yarn for her, and I realized that she was the first person to actually pick yarn with full access to The Stash. Momentous occasion, indeed! She also lounged on my chaise longue looking elegant and long-limbed, willowy and smart.

Tonight I'm back at Joe Bar to give Chris a check for Biter, and as I speak, they are hanging a show made up of these amazing handmade dolls, all characters from movies, like Amelie, Joan Crawford from Mommy Dearest, whats-his-name from Clockwork Orange. Remember the two-headed Rudolph doll/pin I gave you for Christmas one year? Same artist. When I bought that, I went to her house to pick it up and I have to confess I wanted to just look through everything. You know how some people's houses are like that? They just exude creativity, and you feel like looking at everything there will make YOU want to make something. The artist, Sara Lanzillotta, is 4'11" (I heard her say that tonight) and has a bright pink ponytail and she has overalls on to hang her show. The Liza Minelli/Cabaret doll is really fantastic and again, there is just this obsessive quality to it all that I adore. I love this little peek into the Seattle art scene.

Well, when I sat down, I wasn't really sure what I was going to do a blog entry on, but clearly I've got plenty to say. Just proves the old idea that you just need to plant your butt in the seat and get to it. Which is a good thing to have proven, because I have to tell you... the novel? Meh. Today is the first day that I have really CLAIMED the fact that it is not Going Well. I'm hoping this will help. We shall see.


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