Thursday, May 31, 2007

Art and Architecture

Welcome to dispatches from NYC, round three. It was a great day here today. Warm, but not uncomfortably so. I started my day with a trip to one of my old NY favorites, The Adore on 13th street. That's right people, I actually spent some time writing today. Not enough to feel confident that I'm going to have something to turn in on the 10th, but I'm having fun with it.

Then it was off to this fantastic place. I love MoMA. AND! I got to meet three people I love there too. Dad couldn't get enough - he looked at nearly every single picture, and went in to every room on every floor. Way more than I can handle. I get visual overload, so I tend to pick four oor five paintings to really look at, and then I skim the rest. Today it was the Matisse room for me. One thing I liked about MoMA today was that they seemed to really have a lot of unusual pieces out. By that, I mean paintings that are quite different from what you've come to expect of certain famous artists. There was a Monet done in the colors of fall leaves, a completely different palette than you expect to see from him, and the Matisse room had pieces that were more abstract than his gorgeous but almost cartoonish paintings of beautiful women or that one I love of a window with a desk in front of it.

It was fun to look at the architecture exhibit with our father the architect, of course! Allison was a very attentive student.

Afterwards, we meandered down to the cafe for a little late afternoon pick-me-up. Mmm... affigato - vanilla gelato with a shot of espresson poured over it. So delicious!


Barb said...

I really do need to travel with you. You find all the great food. This affligato looks and sounds amazing.

Dispatches from East Africa said...

Yo, Heather . . .

I've just re-discovered your blog (seven months after reading your beautiful Creede post last summer.)

You are a fabulous writer, a talented crafter of words and of experience, and I can't imagine not reading a submission from you on 6/10.

So--get on it!! NY--Vermont--the ranch . . . keep writing! And I'll look forward to reading (and hope that I have something to read!)