Friday, May 04, 2007

Oh Damn I Forgot To Water the Window Boxes!

Also forgotten? My address book, so if anyone out there expects to get a postcard, you might want to send me your address. I love to send postcards.

I've been trying to figure out what else I've forgotten, like sandals and really I could have used one more pair of jeans and the flats I brought are totally useless since they gave me a blister in about twelve seconds flat. But then I talked to Pam on the phone, and she told me that she packed hardly anything, because after all, being in New York is really about New York, not me, not the jeans or flats or even the postcards.

And the truth is, it's pretty easy to be in the moment and let being in New York be about New York when you are staying in a posh hotel in your favorite neighborhood, and when you are a girl who LOVES hotels. I love hotels! And the Bowery Hotel is lovable.

Look! Adorable little toothpaste container! Those keys that you leave at the front desk when you go out! In the little boxes! Delightful. And a good-looking lobby with a bar where they make sure they have tables for those of us who are staying at the hotel. Makes me feel a little smug, to be honest.
After lounging in my hotel room, Allison and I went over to the place where they have the best lattes in the East Village, and had some luscious snacks, including a duck terrine and their special homemade pickles. God, I love pickles. They had cucumber pickles, green tomato pickles, green bean pickles and okra pickles, all with unique pickle flavors, one with a little curry, one with a slightly asian flavor, one with some spice... delicious.

Before I let you go, I do want to say yes, I voted for Joseph and his cute nursery, let's all vote for him! Go Josey Ladd!


Kathleen said...

Hmmm...that doesn't look like a latte. :)

Have fun in NYC!


Susan said...

The rain will water your window boxes, don't worry. If I see them looking sad on my walk, I'll figure out a way to get to them w/some hydrating beverage...

Don't worry, Seattle will take care of itself. And I give it, oh about a day, before new flats are purchased.

Love you!