Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Two-Immitrex, No-Pedicure Migraine

You can imagine from the title that this wasn't the best day ever. There's something depressing about a migraine. Beyond the obvious, I mean. There's the pain, the nausea, the wasted time - but there's something to it that is darker than that. I wonder if this happens to other migraine sufferers. They just make me so sad. Not crying sad, it's a more detached, bleakish kind of sad, like that feeling I get from reading a Virginia Woolf story. There's a calm too, knowing what a relief it will be to just feel okay, which I do now. And then there's the gratitude. Once the migraine has lifted, I always have a feeling of gratitude for my otherwise pretty good health.

The first Immitrex I took gave me enough of a window of relief that I was able to make it to my first riding lesson since I left for the ranch last fall. I was glad I did, since the focus of riding removed me from the migraine for the length of the lesson. Then I wandered in a haze through the Whole Foods and tried to find something I thought I could stand to eat. I settled on the makings for that hearts of palm/cucumber salad from Freemans and some string cheese.

Then I went back to bed. What else are you going to do? The good news is, I get to try again tomorrow.

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