Thursday, May 17, 2007

Wednesday's Menu is Full of Woe

So we had our super coming early in the morning to fix our toilet, which has been running forever, so I got up and made myself some green tea with a bit of milk - to drink while I waited for him. He was shockingly on time, so I only had one cup of tea at home.

For breakfast, at my desk, I had another cup of tea and two hard-boiled eggs. Very exciting, I know. I promise that my weekend breakfasts tend to be more elaborate and larger.

I had to leave work early for acupuncture, so I just ran down to Hale & Hearty for a mix-your-own salad. I almost always get the same thing: spinach with cucumber, tomato, mushrooms, chick peas, asparagus, walnuts and goat cheese. With balsamic vinegar and olive oil (not balsamic vinaigrette, which tends to have corn syrup and whatnot in it.) And a small piece of seven-grain bread.

I had a big glass of water and my Metformin.

After my acupuncture, I went to the grocery store and bought food for dinner (turkey sausage, spaghetti squash, and the makings for a puttanesca sauce), some Total Greek yogurt, and some organic eggs - for breakfasts. However, Eugene's mom came in for dinner, on her way back to Virginia, so we ended up going to Rolf's German American.

While I waited for her and Euge to show up I ate one of the yogurts.

Rolf's at Christmas

Anyhoo, the real draw for Rolf's is the over-the-top seasonal decor, but now the owner of Rolf's is developing quite a reputation and last night he didn't disappoint. He was dressed in punk rock Trash & Vaudeville finery and was quite obviously loaded. It was the only time that I have been there when it wasn't crowded. The food is very typically German-American and I had the Veal Jaeger Schnitzel with green beans, sauerkraut, and spatzle. Naturally, the green beans were inedible mush.. the sauerkraut had too much sugar for me... and I ate some of the spatzle. Euge saved me from myself, by eating all the rest of it. The veal and mushrooms were pretty good though. And I had a glass of wine.

It's a big party week here.

When we got home - to watch Mark Lamb on American Idol AGAIN! - I had seltzer with a little triple-berry juice from Trader Joes( Unsweetened cranberry, blueberry, pomegranite juice blend.) and my Metformin.

Then we all fell asleep on the couches. I blame the spatzel.

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