Wednesday, June 13, 2007

All My Children*

No, no Joseph! Don't cry! I'll be back soon!

Oh I am so very glad that I went to Seattle for the weekend! I got to see the most scrumptious Joseph and nibble on his cheeks and give him kisses and raspberries until he giggled like a loon.

I got to see how skilled he has become at many things. For instance, he is an expert destroyer of letter block towers, crawler and stand-er. Not much of a stepper yet, but I think he's thisclose to becoming a guided missile on two feet.

He did cry a little (Translation: Mommy! Who is this lady trying to smother me with kisses!?!!!) but mostly this is the face he showed me:

What? You want to kiss me AGAIN?

And that was the face I needed.

I also got to see how adept his older cousin, Henry, is with opening beer bottles:

If I just get it right up under there... ahhh sweet nectar of life!!

He's like MacGyver with that spade. I can't imagine where he got the idea from... hmmm...

Ah, no matter, it's a skill he will surely pass on to young Joseph. At this point he is mostly very good at teaching Joseph how to be utterly charming and how to grab peoples ears and kiss them on the nose.

Equally useful skills.

I also got to see Dakota's excellent parenting skills in action. She is wonderful at singing sweet lullabies to Joseph. Especially if there is a karaoke machine and Bud Light involved. Yee haw! We're on for the rodeo next year - fer shur.

Oh, for some more Human League... Don't Don't You Want Me?

It was a great trip with my favorite scrumptious et famiglia... and Mom... and Dad.... and you! It was just the three days I needed, even after that horrific flight Friday night.

Shout out to Clay for picking me up at 3 AM!

But now I need to leave you with what greeted me when I arrived home:

Sweet 4 1/2 pound Ada. A little early, but as cute as can be. Her head feels like the softest velvet and, despite her tiny size, she is just perfect. She looked like a sweet little smidget.

And that's pretty great too.

Yay for HK and Thor!

*All photos were from my fancy new phone... because my darling husband has our camera with him in India. I'm sure he's getting lots of great shots of the new Io-Media office.

Can't wait to see them. Really.

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