Sunday, June 24, 2007

Summer Storms

Anyone who read this blog last fall knows how much I love this barn. I never get tired of taking photos of it, and it seems that every evening finds me out in the yard documenting how the light looks as the sun goes down or storms pass over. We've had a storm almost every day I've been here. Lots of wind, and the thunder rolling around this big bowl of land that the ranch sits in. Not a lot of actual rain, but when you go outside you can smell it. Yesterday I took 85 photos of the sunset and the storm. Almost all of them from the same small patch of grass just in front of the house, looking out at the barn and the hills. I hoped to catch some of the lightning that was striking right through the center of the pinkest part of the sky but never managed to. I tried to sort through and post only a few on Flickr, but it was hard because they all looked like gorgeous paintings to me. With Flickr, I tend to want to edit though, I don't want you to have to look at every snapshot I ever took, you know? Stormy sunsets and cute dogs are hard to narrow down though.

Right now, there is thunder and lightning rolling through again. The girl dogs are anxious (Rose was hit by lightning once and survived, amazing beast that she is) but the horses don't seem to be bothered by it and the puppy is completely oblivious. He's napping on the front porch at the moment, no doubt growing as I write this.

One thing I've been thinking about these last few evenings is how much prettier the sunsets are when it's cloudy. A little bad weather can really add to the beauty of things. I doubt you'll be surprised to hear that there is something I really love about that.

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klosekraft said...

That's gorgeous. I love summer storms.