Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Got home last night and check out the mail bounty! The postcard swap resulted in a mailbox full of gorgeous summery postcards. Susan is jealous, can you see in her eyes that she wants to steal them from me?

More later, today is for sitting in coffee shops and laughing about internet dating.


62cherry said...

yay! you got mine.
hey i got yours today thanks a bunch
i'll try out the summer salad it sounds yummo!

K said...

Sad. I have a problem, which is, I write postcards and then never send them. If you actually GET a postcard from me, then you have a clue how I feel about you, because that is major. Major major major major, as Joeseph Heller would say. But even people I love don't get my postcards. I once decorated the bathroom walls of our barrio house in Santa Fe with postcards that I never sent my boyfriend. I didn't take them down when I moved away, and the people who lived in the house after I moved out, the same people who were annoyed not to have phone service because of me, were at least entertained by the postcards as they started to fall off the wall.
Now I am better at paying my bills, but I'm worse with postcards. So I'm jealous of yours.