Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Ab Hobe Wid A Code

The view from my horizontal perch on the couch... liquids and more liquids...

Ugh, while you are off having fun - tra-la-la! - I am home with the craptastic mother of all colds. The sinus headaches alone have been crippling me for the last two days, not to mention the chills, aches and sneezing.

I really hope the sneezing isn't freaking the twins out. You don't realize how much a sneeze causes your abs to contract until they are contracting around two wee babies...

And, of course, because of the babies, my medication options are a wee bit limited. Hot steam in the face? Check! Worked like a charm for 5 minutes. Liquids? Check! I'm peeing more than ever! Hot and sour soup? Check! Mmmm not so appealing to the tummy, sadly.

I have stayed home from work the last two days - which is strange for me. Usually I try to suffer through, but with the babies I'm pansy-ing out. And I'm okay with that.

Hopefully, I will be well in time for my birthday. We're spending friday night in the city and, theoretically, going out to dinner with my mother-in-law and Ernie and then out with other friends.

I had energy back for like four days before I got sick and, now that I remember what it feels like, I want to take advantage!

Partay! Haha.

Just kidding.

Wish you were here!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday early from Mummy in Kathmandu. I don';t know when I will be able to E-mail again, so this migh be it. I hope you will feel well soon. I'm sure you will be. Staying in the city is good. I overdid yesterday, climbing to Tigers Nest in Bhutan and moving here today. Also I rode a horse! Today I can't breathe or move. Yeesh. I'll e-mail more when I can and callon Tuesday!

Barb said...

Allison, I hope you feel better soon. I had a miserable cold during my second trimester, and it IS much worse when pregnant. Sneezing is not only painful (but it doesn't hurt the babies, I checked) but let's just say it's bladder-challenging. My doc let me take benadryl, which mostly just helped me sleep, but when you can't get comfortable and you can't breathe, sleeping doesn't come easy. You're not being a pansy. Being pregnant is hard enough on the body without some outside force attacking you. rest, rest, rest!!! I hope you're feeling better soon.