Monday, September 10, 2007

Manuscripts, Peach Pie and Wolfhounds

I had grand ideas for blogging while I was here. Since Barb, one of our longstanding writing group members, couldn't be with us this time, I really wanted to write updates for her and post a lot of photos showing you all how beautiful it is here every single day.

But the reality is that we are up to our ears here in serious reading, great conversations and meal prep. So, you'll have to forgive me if my blog participation is a little spotty over the next week. I'll try to get some photos slapped up on the Flickr site, and of course this is such an inspiring time that I'm sure the posts when I get back will come fast and furious.

In the mean time you all should be drinking a lot of good lattes for me, and Ali, feed those babies some pie, I'm serious.



Barb said...

Great pictures on your flickr page, Heather. But still not as good as being there. I can smell the food and hear the laughter, but I miss you all terribly... especially knowing you're all going to emily's saddle, one of my favorite places on the planet. Thanks for sharing the photos, and I'll be watching for more.


h a i k u g i r l said...

I have a thing for porches and that's a great one. Wowsers! It does offer up the question though -- are you coming back??

Tonya said...

yea the ranch