Thursday, September 20, 2007

On Not Knowing Where To Start

I've been home a few days now, working on getting things in order a little, doing some minor edits to the story I workshopped with the writing group, catching up on laundry, latte drinking and trying to see all my lovely friends here in Seattle. As sad as I was to leave the ranch, I have to say, I am feeling the love now that I'm back in Seattle. Seattle seems to have almost as much love for me as I have for it.

And that's all good, but I have this funny feeling right now, like I'm behind on my homework. I have all these ranch photos, and I had this excellent couple of weeks, both on the road with Katherine, and then at the ranch with the writing group, and I have done so very little blogging, even though all of the things that I have experienced and enjoyed are exactly the kinds of things I love to write about here.

Pam works her magic

I keep putting it off because I have this feeling of not being able to do justice to all the great thing, like how the road trip to Creede just flew with Katherine in the car, and how ridiculously hilarious Tami was as a roommate, how good Pam's food was, as always, and how thoroughly she outdid herself with this year's entertainment - a private living room concert with Bucky Baxter and his young buck, Rayland, plus the readings by Greg Glazner and Summer Wood (I am not making these names up, click the links to see for yourself!), how great it was to sit in the hot springs in Pagosa, and how very satisfied I felt sitting under the night sky and eating buffalo burgers and stuffed green chiles at Kips again. . Colorado was spectacularly beautiful, as always.

Lucky Bucky - dinner with ten of the least bitter women you've ever met

And that's not even saying anything about the real purpose of the trip - all the great stories we worked on and all the thoughtful comments and help I received from the women in my writing group. I don't have words for how inspiring that was.

Best bloody mary ever, courtesy of Kip's

Which is why I'm going to stop here. I'm a little out of words right now, but I just needed to give you something, a few snapshots, a couple things to picture, to break this bloggers block I've got. There are too many good things coming up to stay away from here too long.
Dex Decker and the blue truck, moving a winter's worth of hay

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I dont have a problem with how good that salmon looks. Wow, so she just throws that stuff on top? How high is the heat?
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