Friday, September 14, 2007

What I'm up to

Watching lots of really good television! Honestly, I don't know how Dakota made it through her pregnancy without the boob tube. When you are too tired to even read, the TV is your very best friend...

Unless, of course, you have a snoogle - in which case the TV becomes your second-best-friend. I've been having really unpleasant hip pain, and a really hard time just getting comfortable (even given the extremely broken-in butt groove on our couch) but the snoogle has saved me and I am in bliss.

Eugene loves it somewhat less than I do, since it's basically like a third person in our bed... but between it and earplugs, I am finally getting some real sleep! Oh happy day!

This weekend we go to Vermont and have some houseguests.... and, if this whole sleeping thing goes as well as it's been going, I may actually have some pictures of something other than me to put up!

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Dakota said...

Um, well, I must admit that though I didn't have a boob tube, I rented just about every single tv series that was available on DVD to watch on my computer when I was pregnant. Big Love (or was that more recent?), Little House on the Prairie (I'm still working on the series, it is quite long to be sure), West Wing of course, Entourage, the L word (oo la la), The Lost Room, and 24 (that show is much too intense to watch 6-7 in a row). Feel better now?