Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Do I really look like a turtle?

You would offer this nice lady a seat on the subway, wouldn't you?

Sorry for the weird photo - but the self-timer on my camera at work is unfamiliar territory. Nonetheless, you can see that I now look like I've swallowed a watermelon. Or a koala - whichever works for you!

When we went to go see our doctor on Monday, she was concerned about my weight gain (6 pounds since our last visit!) and was quizzing me about my diet and was making those sounds that indicate 'we are going to have a serious talk at the end of this exam young lady!'

But then she did the ultrasound and - OOPS! - remembered that I am expecting twins.

So apparently it's fine if I turn into a total blimp.... and with (hopefully) at least four months left to go... I think I'm going to go have some ice cream!

We are 19 weeks tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

You look beeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaautiful!
You might want to pace yourself with the ice cream rebellion.

Barb said...

You look fantastic, and how your doc could forget that you're having twins is beyond me. At 19 weeks I was just starting to pop. At 19 weeks you look like a real pregnant woman. Adorable. Eat all the ice cream you want. A happy mommy makes happy babies. :)