Monday, October 22, 2007

Hello From the Crush

Tami fends off the paparazzi

We're having a beautiful couple of days here in California, lots of sun, bushes full of pink roses in Tami's back yard and the air is filled with the unmistakable smell of grapes being crushed. I'm being a lazy slug and have not yet changed out of my pajamas. Instead, I'm sitting on Tami's big couch doing my reading for my Howard Norman workshop.

Tami and Dixon have been very good to, as Amber and Seth were in Portland on Friday night. I'm lucky to have friends with guest rooms who also know how to make things like egg bites for breakfast and the best meatloaf ever for dinner. Seriously, I love meat loaf. I am not the worst house guest either, since I come bearing knitted gifts.

Yesterday Tami and I went into the city (San Francisco, in case you forgot) and copied this. Tami wrote some great ones while we were sitting in the window of the most amazing chocolate shop, drinking spicy hot cocoa. After our cocoa, we wandered out into the sunshine and left a trail of happy little notes in the pockets of cute coats at all the boutiques we stopped in.

Of course we couldn't leave the fancy chocolate shop without fancy chocolates. This box is considerably emptier now. Don't you love the way the orange theme of the box matches Tami's sweater? We went for a green theme for Pam's box.

Now Tami's off at work and my new best friend Taylor is keeping me company. Check it out, Tami, she's giving us her cheerleader face!


Barb said...

What a fun thing to do. I'm going to try that with Brookylnn some time. Totally jealous of your day in the California sunshine with Tami... and who wouldn't be jealous of a little time with Taylor. I love that dog. Thanks for the happy picture. Enjoy Tomales!

andrea said...

oh! I love that you slid the fortunes into coat pockets! absolutely brilliant idea and I must steal it. we are already planning another fortune adventure and this will just give me an excuse to hit all those boutiques I never get the chance to go into... haha.