Saturday, October 06, 2007

Practicing being useless in anticipation of my uptown lifestyle

What do you think? Should we buy? Is TWO maid's rooms excessive?

So we are in Vermont for the weekend. Only a month or two from now we won't be able to come up - per doctor's orders - so it's a mad scramble trying to get everything done and in tip-top shape before that happens.

Sadly, Eugene has to take care of most of it. I've tried helping with the wood stacking, but after 15 minutes I am wiped out. I am stuck with the inside duties - laundry, cooking, lazing about reading back issues of Elle Decor (hey - I could use a renewal on that and Metropolitan Home, if you are still wondering what to get me for my birthday!).

It's weird to be so.. umm.. weak.

I even had a hard time getting the cap off a new bottle of cranberry juice earlier. Megh.

At least the scenery is lovely - the trees are almost in full color. And it's exactly three years since we closed on this place. Which brings me to the next article of business.

We have put an offer in on an apartment. It's kind of a low offer (8% below asking) but we can only afford so much - ya know? And it has been on the market. So we're sitting here on tenterhooks (sp? that's a weird word, right? what is a tenterhook anyways?) waiting to hear a response.

I try to remind myself that, when we bought this place, there were other places we wanted first and despaired over losing. But things turned out beautifully in the end and we ended up with the best place for us. I have to have faith that the same will hold true with the apartment situation.

Life is full of disappointments, but I think in the end we end up where we are meant to be.

Plus, just thinking about the lifestyle change that will come with a new mortgage really sobers a girl up quick. We'll have to have a budget, people! A BUDGET!

Also, we aren't homeless or desperate. Which always helps to keep your brain straight when you're trying to remain rational about your housing situation. But the twins don't love to walk-up so much any more.

In the meantime the Elle Decors might be giving me too much fodder for my over-active imagination. Down girl! Down!

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