Tuesday, October 09, 2007

This Time Last Year

Roany and Deseo mow the front lawn

So, I think it's an odd coincidence that October 8th 2006 was my first day at the ranch, and October 8th 2007 was my first day at my new job. I like it, of course, there's a nice symmetry to it. Whenever I say that I've taken the last 8 months off, Elvis makes fun of me and tells me that it's really been the last year because those two weeks I went back to my old job don't count. Well, it was certainly longer than two weeks, but in a way he's right. Those two October 8ths are the bookends on a remarkable time in my life.

My first day at Children's was great. We spent the day in a basement filling out paperwork and eating hospital food. Sounds good, huh? But it was. I'm serious! That room was filled with good energy, and people who all seemed to be truly excited to be starting work there. One woman kept saying "This is my dream job!" and I knew how she felt.

I have a funny feeling today, a little relief, a little feeling of return, of something coming back to me. I missed this part of my self, my competent, composed, working self. I missed setting aside my personal life for eight hours a day in favor of something that I believed would be helpful to other humans somewhere in the world, even if I never met any of them. It just felt worthwhile. It still does.

Thanks to all of you who called or sent a text or wrote or made a comment wishing me well and checking in. I'm so lucky to have you all. I'll talk to you soon!


Stephanie said...

I remember that feeling, missing my work self, when I was unemployed for a while. It really took me by surprise, in a very good way.

I'm so happy for you that the job is starting off well. Hooray!

Dakota said...

I'm SO happy for you! Congratulations!
What a great place to be!
OK, now for my trite anecdote...Joseph goes to Odessa Brown Children's Clinic, which is a branch of Children's and we have the best pediatrician in all of the universe. He's often over at Children's Hospital doing rounds(I guess I'm assuming that's where you are too)...and if you see him in the hall, you might faint because he's DREAMY. Ahhhh sigh, Dr. Danielson :)

Brian said...

I'm glad your first day went well. Pop by the House soon and tell me about the new job. Maybe we can get some coffee.

We miss you already!

Anonymous said...

So, I've finally decided to keep up with what you're doing and you have to go and get a real job. WTF! Anyway, congrats on joining us in the real world again. I still expect coffee shop ramblings and killer show reviews. You're not off the hook just because you have a jobby-job now. ;-)

Oh, and thanks for prodding Barb to hook me up with the Animal Collective disc. You were right...I totally dig it! :-)

L8r Sk8r...

Heather said...

Don't worry, my first act as a new employee was to request my third week off. So we have a road trip, writers conference and more coming up. The fun never stops here!