Thursday, November 29, 2007

My New TV Crush*

We are just ships passing in the night and I may never see him again but, for the moment, Gable Painter is my new TV crush.

He's not a glamorous star, a man of adventure or mystery. I can't even show you his picture because I couldn't find one on the internets. Any where. But I can show you his work.

He has a company called BP Restoration in Richmond, Virginia. They have no website! Don't you love that? Basically, he - and his work - were the subject of a one-hour one-off program called "Flip it Back" where he took a dilapitated crackhouse and restored it to it's folk victorian glory.

From this

To this

You know that I love a capable man! And watching the show I was so impressed by his workmanship, his dedication, and his sense of humor. He had all of the corbels re-made to match the originals! He had all of the turned posts for the porch, with their bric-a-brac remade in Canada! He replaced the doors with period doors throughout! He used real wood siding!

And if I could find a picture of him you could see how very cute he is too.

They may never make another episode and I may never see him again, but I applaud his skill.

And his hotness.

*This is what becomes of you when you come home from work every day to retire your considerable hugeness to the couch. You become very discerning regarding your reality shows. There may also be some nesting/pregnancy hormones involved in this post...


Barb said...

... not to mention the fact that pregnancy hormones can make you, shall we say, prone to attraction/infatuation and general body tingles. :)

Allison, it so great to read your blog and to feel like I'm not the only person whose hugeness has sentenced me to laying around on the couch watching reality television. Unfortunely my new cable provider doesn't carry Bravo. Oh what will I do on Wednesday nights!!!

K said...

ALSO a great time to catch up on whatever show you never get to see because it's on a Thursday, or only on in SOME OTHER COUNTRY, or apple itunes no longer carries it, and rent the whole complete seasons. Watch them all in order as many as you want! Till your eyes bleed!

I chose House, watched the entire three years of it that I've missed whilst living here, end to end during the last trimester. I had constant tingly feelings for Hugh Laurie's character, which only fueled the obsession.

I think if I had to do it again, I'd pick the architecture reality show they have here called Grand Designs. Houses carved from a single tree and other miracles. Mosaics, windmills, hemp...

Anonymous said...

More Gable for you!