Sunday, January 27, 2008

What we've been up to

Eugene and his educational tools. Do you think the teacher looks concerned?

Well, I'm afraid that I am not yet touching upon this weekend, which has been epic to say the least, but I did want to provide my excuses for the last couple of weeks of absentee-ism on my part.

We have been in the throws of total chaos.

People always say how having babies, moving, and getting fired are the three hardest things that can put your marriage to the test and over the last few months we've been dealing with wo out of the three (though I really think that the having babies part should carry more weight since we're having two at once).

We've had a ton of doctors' appointments (OB once a week and Maternal Fetal ultrasounds bi-weekly) but that is pretty much old hat at this point. We also did the infant CPR and new baby parenting classes - as illustrated above and learned all about breastfeeding, diapering, and bathing our new babies.

We are totally experts now and I know that it will be easy-peasy! Hahahahahahaha...

That's the laughter of madness you hear!

Also, we've had the walk-thru at our new apartment (where we discovered a giant bubble of water in the ceiling paint in the kitchen) the closing (where we discovered that our mortgage was structured differently than we expected), the organizing of having the floors refinished (which was totally worth the headache, but ay-yi-yi, what a pain in the ass!) and the moving (where we discovered that I have just as much crap as I was afraid I did!)

My sweet love, now gone...

I did agree to purge some items. For example - the six-foot tiger that has been lounging in our living room for the last nine years has gone on to a better home... or that cloud in the sky called 'le dump'. I don't know because I had to ask our neighbor Charra to deign to dispose of it for me - and she promised not to tell me where it ended up.

Some things just cut too deep - ya know? Never underestimate a 34-year-old woman's ability to be overly attached to a big stuffy! Even a filthy, dusty deflated tiger!

Packing for the moving was hard. The actual moving was hard. The unpacking has been hard.

And then there was this weekend.

Which was just delightful and wonderful and completely validated that my husband is the sweetest man on earth and knows and loves me. Despite my crazy-making hormones. Despite the move. Despite the impending arrival of two creatures who will, more than likely suck the life out of us - leaving dried up husks behind - and then bolster us back up with adorable smiles and their yummy baby smell.

So it has been a long couple of weeks, leaving little or no time for blogging. Plus I have the firewall at work to contend with - the nerve of blocking me from my own blog!

But I will try to do better, and I will definitely post about this weekend because I know that some of you out there are waiting with baited breath and you rightfully deserve a post, because you were so very generous with us!

For now, I just have to say that the weekend made the last weeks totally worthwhile. And I think that's saying a lot.

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K said...

that is one of my favorite photos ever, on this blog, and in real life from all time. Hilarious.

This photo reminds me of "senior lifesaving" in high school. When our friend Sean was done "saving the baby" he came back, wiped his lips and said, "Kids been smoking again"

Still makes me laugh- because it's funny.