Wednesday, February 13, 2008

An Update

Mmmm... babies like cupcakes!

Well, the twins are staying put in mah belly (Austin Powers, anyone?) for at least a bit longer.

Baby A is head down and moving like mad, but Baby B has taken it upon itself to turn all around and be sideways. After months of both babies being head down and in proper delivery position this is... ummm.. a bit annoying.

I really can't figure out how it is that Baby B has so much space to maneuver! I mean, I'm big but theoretically there are two 5+ pound babies in there!

Any hoo, our OB is on vacation until the 25th and, since she's the only Doctor in the practice who could deliver them from this position without a c-section, I REALLY want her to be there.

(You will note that I tried to avoid the v-word there, to avoid us popping up in any unfortunate Google searches.)

So, in order to hold out until the 25th I am trying numerous things. I am not above spending loads of time on the couch, with my feet up, watching bad television. I am also willing to consider a reward system, whereby the twins receive cupcakes and ice cream for staying put.

I am willing to put up with the stretch marks that have recently made an appearance and I will stay home from work on Wednesdays, go to the 5 doctors appointments I have between now and then AND order in every single meal if that will keep them in place for another 12 days.

I totally realize that I am on their schedule and that they will pretty much come whenever they want... but if anyone has any suggestions as to what might make them decide to bake a bit longer, I am totally willing to take it under advisement.

I should also mention that there is quite a healthy betting pool going at my office. Whoever gets the date/sex and birth weight closest wins $200!

We'll be 36 weeks tomorrow! Yay for Valentines Day!


Dakota said...

Baby BEEEE! you are a rebel! Maybe baby A will give Baby BEEE a tug back down south. I remember the moment when Joseph flipped from being in perfect position at 39 weeks to being sunnyside up...ouchy. Anyhoo, it sounds like you are doing all the good things you can...and I'm thinking good thoughts for post 25th labor! Yipppeeee!

K said...

I am now obsessively checking your blog for news of twins. Can't help myself!