Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cause It Should Really Be Your Birthday All Week

If I had to do rehab, I'd want to do it at Tami's house. Is that a weird thing to say? It's just that when I stayed with her in October, that was what I thought. She had this nice guest room for me, with this big cozy bed, and my own bathroom next door. It was sunny out, and I thought, hey, I could sit right here on the grass. So I did. I sat in the grass. Little did I know what was coming my way in the next few months. Surprises. Events. Crises. Migraines. Things to be rehabilitated from. This has given me time to think. Time to think about exactly what I would do, in rehab, at Tami's house.

I'd start, of course, with sitting on the grass.

Taylor would join me, and be my therapy dog. I would gaze into her pretty brown eyes.

... and she would gaze into mine. And I would think "Ah, this is nice!" But that wouldn't be all. Handsome Dixon would make us dinner - Tami, Taylor and me. Comfort food, like meatloaf. Delicious.

And Tami and I would make Rice Krispy Treats, with the stirry thing. Cause that's really all we can make. Tami has a burn scar to prove it. I'll spare you the burnt grass taste that would be my proof.

Sorry, this is just a totally gratuitous shot of some photos of Tami from her house. I loved them!

But the thing about rehab at Tami's house is that Tami would be there. Telling you the truth, and making you laugh until your stomach hurts. And there are a lot of things you can recover from when you're with a friend like that. Trust me, I know.


Tami said...

Wow Heather!!! This is one of the best birthday presents ever. Made me teary and, you know me, I cry about once every seven years, though with age those tears seem to be flowing more freely, which is a good thing. You can rehab at my house anytime!

Barb said...

As someone who knows the Tami that listens and speaks truth and makes us all laugh, I couldn't agree more.