Saturday, March 29, 2008

Come back soon!!!!!

Who loves Grandma Biba? Thomas does!

So I just dropped Mom off at the airport.

It's a beautiful Saturday afternoon - the sky is clear and blue and the air is crisp and fresh. We took a walk to Fort Tryon Park this afternoon, before she left, and the earth was fertile with the promises of spring. Daffodils and bluebells were popping out their blooms.

It was a lovely, lovely walk, and then I had to take Mom to the airport.

The last two weeks have been such a rollercoaster with the babies. The exhaustion, the joy, the frustrations and stress (getting twins to a doctor's appointment on the Upper East Side? Ugh - not easy), the unadulterated love and silliness of them... and having Mom here through all of that was just fantastic.

She was here to change the diapers, sooth the crying niblet, help with the bath, wash the bottles, feed the new Mama, chatter in the most endearing possible way (Oh really? You want to talk about it? What do you want to talk about?) and she really made the whole situation more doable, more humorous and more relaxed than it would have been without her help.

Actually, I can't even fathom what it would have been like without her help.

Of course, now she's gone and I can't imagine what it is going to be like on Monday, here by myself with two 25-day old boys... but she really got me through a rough start and I can't thank her enough. I think she's given me a fair amount of confidence that no one is going to starve and no one is going to cry themselves to pieces...


Mom - you are a superstar Grandma, and we can't wait for you to come back.


K said...

Oh, this is so nice.

When my mother in law came to stay after Ella was born, it was like living in a hotel, compared to doing it myself. Wonderful.

Barb said...

Good luck, Allison. This next little stretch is the hardest... alone with the little ones for the first time and never getting any sleep. It will get easier after 6 weeks and they are SOOOOO worth it. Congratulations! They're absolutely beautiful!

Jennifer said...

Where is Max? Thomas is getting an awful lot of airtime!

Anonymous said...

Well, I've been gone for a whole week and I can still feel the weight of those dear little wigglers in my arms. I miss the Carroll family too much.
Thank you for letting me share that first couple of weeks with you at home. I will be back soon. At the moment I am recovering from a really nasty cold that hit about 5 minutes after I got home. I'm glad none of you have it!