Thursday, March 06, 2008

Grandma is Bawling Her Head Off!!!

Curly blondish hair!

You heard it hear first! I am literally typing this while I'm talking to my mom on her land line while she is talking to Allison on her cell phone. I'm sure she'll be making the appropriate calls when she can. They did have to do a C-section, so ouch, but I guess the other way hurts too. Ha ha. I'm just glad they'll have round heads.

Baby A is 6 pounds 9 ounces - Thomas Dean
Baby B is 5 pounds 12 ounces - Maxwell Bailey

Thomas after Eugene's dad, Dean after our dad. And Bailey is my mother's maiden name. Max is after me, of course. Don't you think? Seriously, I'm the only sibling, so that must be where it came from. Max. That's me. Or Dakota. Right, I think Heather + Dakota= Max. You can see it, no? Dakota!! She named Baby B after us!!!! Max is totally in the spirit of Dakota plus Heather.

Grandma Beba to Heather: "Do you have a quote, Dorothy Parker?"
Heather: "I thought 12 ounces WAS a pound."

Best I could do at the time.


klosekraft said...

Hooray! Congratulations all around!

Dakota said...

Totally! Heather + Dakota = Max...I love it! And I love those sweet beams are flinging from my heart across the country and into the hearts of those two wee boys. Joseph is pretty excited too, and really seemed to understand that the 'ball' that was Allison's belly had babies in it and now they are out in the world and will soon be snuggled by him! LOVE YOU ALL!

Anonymous said...

I guess Thomas is expected to be a football player (his initials are T. D.). That makes Max the artist.
Big congrats