Sunday, March 16, 2008

"Hey, I have something to tell you!"

I do, really. Probably a lot of things, but my head hasn't been in it. My head has been off in the land of short story revisions, and a couple new pieces that may or not be something, eventually.
Sometimes I walk around with a lot of blog stuff in my head, and sometimes there are a lot of entries in the Draft phase of the blog's posting menu. Thoughts collect around a photo I've taken, or a phrase, and on the long walk to work it all tumbles around in my brain like tennis shoes in the washing machine... thump thump thump... The other day as I was walking home in the rain, people looked at me as though they could hear it. Double takes and knowing grins. It was the big smile I was wearing on my face, and the way I was having to restrain myself from laughing or talking to myself out loud. I love the way our faces give us away, how that day I was telling everyone something just by having a certain look on my face.

There's a story I'm working on that started as a blog post, but keeps growing. I think 9 pages might be too long for this venue, even if they are 9 double-spaced pages. What do you think? Anyway, that's kind of in the way of everything else, why you haven't heard about my trip to Coppergate with the SGEN kids, or Tribunali with Jessica, or reading White Noise, or Super Exclusive Book Club at Sambar, or Grey Gallery with Jay, or Crow with Beyonce, or the Maldives at the High Dive or the weekend I just spent in LaConner.

But at least you know those things are all still happening, and no doubt I'll be back with more soon.

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debi9kids said...

Heather, I think I would read your 9 pages happily. :)