Sunday, March 23, 2008

I've been remiss....

I may have underperformed for Susan's birthday this year. It was Thursday, the first day of spring. Such a nice day for a birthday. I still owe her a card, maybe something knitted, maybe something that smells nice. She likes nice-smelling things. I did get her out to Kingfish Cafe for dinner, where conversation was dampened by the fact that she could not stop eating fried chicken long enough to speak. This was okay, since she was still able to grin, and that is really all I require in a dinner companion. Happiness.

After dinner we scooted over to Sambar, where Jay did some of the birthday work for me. When I told him it was her birthday, he somehow managed to come up with a single elegant birthday candle, which we stuck into a cup of the most delicious chocolate mousse ever. He raised his eyebrows at Susan and said "Song? What do you think? You want the song?", ready to turn down the music and get the whole bar to join in. Susan tilted her chin down the way she does, widened her eyes and said "No!! Thank you." But we still got him to take the obligatory birthday tour photo. See above.

Happy birthday to one of the original honorary Malcolm sisters!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely b-day evening. There was nothing I wanted to do more in the world.