Sunday, March 02, 2008

We Haven't Had A Monkey Ordeal Like This Before

That's what animal control in Spokane said about the creepy wizened little monkey that got loose today and went on the attack, biting three people. This is the sort of thing you learn if you stay up late enough for the local news. I would not recommend this.

In the absence of babies, and baby photos (can't believe those kids are still in there, so willful!!) , we are back to lattes. This one is from Josie, of course. He always makes me my prettiest lattes. I went to the Ballard Fiore this morning, meaning to pull my tax documents together (oh my god this is riveting stuff!) but instead I got sucked into some writing. A lot of writing actually. At one point I had four different files open at the same time.

The writing has been nuts lately. Something about that last week with the writing group really shook some things loose. I know the blog hasn't exactly reflected this, but I have a feeling it will. Just give me a little time. And watch out for spider monkeys.

P.S. Josh Brown - WTF? This is not good.

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Unknown said...

I think it was on channel 5. They interviewed this boy, maybe 8, about the monkey. And he said, "I thought it was kinda cute and stuff *pause* 'til it growled at me."

Words to live by, really.