Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I have to say, I am disappointed*

When I heard that Angelina was pregnant with twins I though 'woohoo! Do it up girl!'

I thought she would style it out. And I was wrong.

She has gone the muumuu route.

I am so disappointed. Even I said no to the muumuu.

* I almost always misspell disappointed. Ugh!


Heather said...

Yeah, what does she care. She's Angelina!

Heather said...

Though I have been thinking lately that Brad's ultra-short hair makes him look a little simple. Not that I ever thought he was that cute anyway.

LadyGripe said...

Yeah, I really hated how... umm... hot he was in A River Runs Through It... and Mr and Mrs Smith... and Oceans 11, 12 and 13... and Legends of the Fall...

Yup, never liked him. Not. At. All.

You have a point about the Angelina thing, though.