Monday, May 12, 2008

Pretty Much What You'd Expect

Mom's always been a big solitaire player. I think it goes with that philosophy she has - "Only boring people are ever bored." There's something old-fashioned and appealing about it when there are actual cards involved, but she's willing to play on a computer too - back in the days before the internet, I remember her calling me and telling me she stayed up too late playing solitaire on her PC.

It's easy to keep her up too late, actually. I went up to LaConnor to see her for Mother's Day and brought a bunch of DVDs and some flowering tea for her, and that was enough to deprive her of sleep this time. Yeah, I brought laundry too. 36 and still not over that. Here's what I tell myself though, and what I'll tell you if you laugh at me for it - she likes it. That's right, makes her feel like a real mom. Plus she's proud of the addition on her house, with all the light and the pale wood, and the big bathtub, and that's where the washer and dryer live.

The way I know I'm grown up? She doesn't monitor my use of the washer and dryer, even though they are new fancy machines, treasured by her. She goes downstairs to make us a big bowl of buttered popcorn for dinner and I head up with my load of darks (that hasn't changed) and get things going. After the popcorn we eat ice cream. That's dinner. You know I love that.

Anyway, keeping her up late... We watched To The Lighthouse first, which was Seriously. Boring. Even before I knitted up all my yarn and had to sit there with my hands in my lap, doing nothing. Of course, I also brought the third and, tragically, final season of Veronica Mars, and that was the method I used to keep mom up well past midnight. "It's the lines!" she said "They have such great lines!"

Keeping people up past midnight was my mission this weekend, I kept Susan up past midnight on Friday, though that involved making sure the first drink was supremely tasty, then following up with 20-somethings from Issaquah who turned her on to Red Bull and vodka. But that's a whole other story. And it goes on the secret blog.

Anyway, that's what up with the Original Mom this Mother's Day. She's the same as always - just as happy to watch the CW as she is to watch Masterpiece Theater, generous with the butter, and a little too in love with the world to go to bed on time.

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