Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Take Your Time

I can't explain the Olafur Eliasson show for you. I wish I could. I tried to explain it to a few folks, based on Pam's description from the SF installment, and I'm afraid I butchered it. I can tell you what I liked about it, though. And I'm sure you'll bear with me until my camera batteries get charged up and I can treat you to a lot of baby photos, right?

What I like about the Take Your Time exhibit is the same thing I like about the Rothko paintings, the way, for me, they are both about seeing, and about being immersed in a piece of art, how when you stand in front of a Rothko long enough, it's like you are standing IN the painting, as in a landscape. Take Your Time was made up of a series of rooms, all of which were, to put it very simply, lit in different ways. The one pictured above was so beautiful, strips of colored light moving around the room, much more vibrant than the photo above indicates. I loved that everyone was taking photos, and the whole exhibit was like that, people taking pictures, putting themselves into the art, wanting to make something of their own to take away. The entire exhibit felt like a catalyst, and that's a gorgeous thing for a piece of art to be.

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